April 2008: “Get Out There” a la Spencer

Spring is here!  It’s expected to be 80 degrees this weekend in Sacramento, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  I read something a few weeks ago that I wanted to pass on.  It was written by Spencer, my friend I wrote about in February, on his blog.  He was encouraging everyone to “get out there” and enjoy the weather, and life in general.  Here it is:


Yesterday’s (weather) was perfect…It seems not so long ago that a day like this would be all I would need for an excuse to get out and enjoy. Somewhere along the way things like paying mortgages and health care bills, meeting deadlines and closing deals became more important. Now I see the error in my way. The fact is that we are all living on a finite schedule and at the end I am going to measure our life not in the things that I have acquired or the amount of money I have made but in the experiences I have had and the differences I have made in other people’s lives. I can not make a difference in someone else’s life unless I am centered. The way that I get centered is to enjoy perfect moments. Days like yesterday…are so conducive to that perfect moment that there should be NO excuse not to get out and enjoy them.

You may be reading this right now and thinking “yeah sounds good but I have got to do XYZ thing or else blah blah blah.” Well you may be right but I would encourage you to ask yourself what will really happen if you take the day or the afternoon or morning off? I mean really what would happen? There is someone willing to watch your kids or do a trade with you. Your clients will either not know or understand that you need to take some time for “personal issues.” Your work will not bust you for taking a sick day. I can guarantee that all that stuff that you are working on will still be there when you get back and the only difference is that you will be refreshed and ready to go to work…

So call your friends, make a plan and get out and enjoy. While you still can…Go ahead, I give you permission. Your spouse will understand. The people around you will appreciate it because you will mellow out a bit and god knows you need it. Do this and I promise you this, you will be happier and better for it, and you will feel better than those who choose not to do it.

His message really inspired me.  For the next several weeks, Mary and I have made a conscious effort to “get out there” and do what we love most…travel.  We plan on going on vacation with some friends to Donner Lake, then with family to Dillon Beach, and then the two of us are off to Switzerland.


I encourage you to take Spencer’s message to heart, get out there, and live it up!

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