March 2008: C’est la vie

This time of year is a time of great anticipation for me.  I can’t wait for the warm weather to arrive.  When late winter teases us with a few days of sunshine I don my shorts and sandals, convinced that spring is here to stay.  Then suddenly the rain clouds settle in again and I wonder if spring will ever come.  C’est la vie…


“Such is life”…the weather can be a reflection of the tides of life.  Consider these little nuggets:


The weather never asks us what we want.  It has its own agenda.  C’est la vie…we never ask for many of the things we get in life, especially the bad things.  We must deal with the rain clouds of our lives, and have faith that a rainbow is just around the corner.


The weather is never constant.  It is always changing.  C’est la vie…no two days are the same, nor would we ever want them to be.  We all need to think about this blessing of change the next time we find ourselves complaining about the weather, or life in general.


There isn’t a single place on Earth where it never rains, or a place that never receives sunlight.  C’est la vie…we all have our ups and downs in life, and none of us are blessed with permanent happiness, nor cursed with constant depression.


The rain is a necessity in this world.  Without it, our flowers would never bloom.  C’est la vie…the struggles we face and the obstacles we overcome are what make us human.  Without them, we would not be the dynamic people God intended us to be.


The weather can be transcendent to each of us.  If you’re soaking up the sun in your life right now, that’s great!  Be thankful for your happiness everyday.  Or, if you have a rain cloud hovering over you, hang in there.  Your sunshine will come soon.


As I have collected my thoughts for this letter, I have found myself inspired to embrace this unpredictable weather, knowing that consistent sunshine will be here in no time.  I hope that you too find inspiration from this letter.  If not, at least you now know what “C’est la vie” means.

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