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Market Update – Rates Are Dropping!

rates dropping

Interest rates have dropped 1/2 a percent in the last 2 months! This is a huge opportunity for anyone who purchased or refinanced in 2018 as interest rates haven’t been this low since January 2018! Also new for 2019 is that many counties had their loan limits increase. This is an opportunity for anyone who has a 2nd mortgage, line of credit, or other high interest debt to consider consolidating and save money. Having helped many (if not all of you) navigate through past transactions makes the refi process easier for you since as we are already familiar with your needs and know how to best address them.  We always look for opportunities to save our clients’ money, and we may be reaching out to some of you in the coming days to discuss some options we think may be worthwhile. If you have been considering refinancing, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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My Business Partner is a Champion

Lisa, my business partner, and I have known and worked with one another for over 16 years (check out her bio here).  We’ve always had a very positive working relationship, with a touch of friendly competitiveness.  We share and compare our goals and our results, but regardless of who outperforms the other, we are always rooting for and pushing one another to be our best.

business superwomanBut, she has been absolutely destroying me in one important discipline of our business, and I’m hoping you can help me catch up.

If you look at our business pages on review sites such as Yelp, Facebook, and Google, her clients have been leaving raving testimonials of how Lisa took exceptionally good care of them.  That’s not surprising, as Lisa genuinely cares for her clients and is a knowledgeable expert in our field.  In fact, every single review of Lisa on-line is a 5-star review (atta girl!!!).  But, what is surprising (and a tad humbling for yours truly!) is that Lisa’s clients account for 74% of our company reviews on Yelp despite she and I having roughly equal transaction counts over the years.

Over 100 of my clients have left wonderful reviews of my services, which are posted at  These reviews, however, do not automatically show up on Yelp and other online sites.  I need your help to make your opinions of my services well known.  Doing so will help us continue to earn the confidence of future clients, and help me to save a little face with Lisa.

leave your feedbackPlease consider taking a few minutes to leave a review of us at Yelp, Facebook, or Google.  OR, visit the testimonials page at and copy & paste a previous review you’ve written onto the review sites of your preference.  Its simple; when at the testimonials page click “Ctrl & F5” to search for your first name, and your browser will take you directly to your review. Copy it, then paste it to Yelp, Facebook, or Google.

No need to exaggerate and try to give me 6-Star reviews; let’s simply show Lisa that my client family is as loud & proud as hers!  Thanks for your time.

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2019 What to Expect

crystal ball (2)Many of us have begun to get our tax paperwork in the mail, and are beginning to get into that annual financial mindset of planning for the upcoming year. It probably doesn’t hurt that every third TV ad is H&R Block or Turbo Tax commercial! This annual market forecast is a timely message to my clients and readers who may be wondering if now is a good time to buy or sell.  I’ve always said forecasting is a fancy word for guessing.  No one knows for certain what lies ahead in our local real estate market. Nevertheless, as someone who witnesses the front-lines action in the market, I have the chance to share observed indicators with you.

Perception is Reality
From 2012 to 2017, demand was VERY high, supply was low, and interest rates were low (but rising). Those years were certainly a strong sellers’ market characterized by multiple offer situations and home values increasing 10% and higher year after year. 2018 on the other hand, the market began to shift. The combination of interest rates rising 1% coupled with low inventory has had a twofold effect on both buyers and sellers. Rising rates hurt buyers’ purchase power. Higher rates make it more expensive for sellers too, and many opt to not move further contributing to the low inventory problem. Many buyers anticipate (and hope) the market will run out of steam and have a wait and see mindset. These factors have led to the number of homes sold to decline for 11 straight months. While the rate at which homes are appreciating has slowed, values aren’t declining. In 2018, the Sacramento area saw an appreciation of 6-7% in home values. In 2019, I expect appreciation closer to 3-5%.

Buyers are getting picky (and they should)
According to the California Association of Realtors, the median sales price and median income in Sacramento County last year was $371,000 and $63,000, respectively. It would take the “median buyer” 16 years to save enough for a down payment of 20%. Fortunately for buyers, there are many options to purchase a home with less than the traditional 20% down payment. Many buyers can’t afford 20% down, but they’re able to afford the housing payment. With home prices at all-time highs, buyers are not willing to spend more on a house that is in need of improvements.

The Fixer Upper Effect
Everyone has a favorite home renovation show-I’m personally a fan of Nate and Jeremiah by Design. We watch while updating our Pinterest board with ideas for our dream home. But home renovations aren’t cheap! I know. My wife and I are 2 years and several $1000’s into our own. Like I mentioned above, it’s more difficult than ever to save money for a home purchase. Because of that buyers are no longer willing to pay extra for a house that isn’t turn key. If buyers are going to pay record prices, many want and expect the home to come with higher end finishes. A word of caution to sellers that are considering listing. Price accordingly. Yes inventory is still low, but it’s trending up. Don’t expect to list your home that has floral wallpaper, blue carpet, and avocado colored kitchen counter tops at an unrealistic price simply because you’re the only house for sale. Buyers aren’t willing to overpay for a fixer.

A Balanced Market is Coming
chris hands 2 (2)I anticipate sales activity to rebound in 2019; especially in the Sacramento area. Sacramento and the surrounding communities continue to be a popular destination for bay area transplants as well as other buyers looking to relocate. In fact, last year Sacramento was the number one destination for one way U-Haul rentals in the country! Yes, California (Sacramento included) is still in the midst of an unprecedented housing shortage that makes it one of the most expensive places to live in the U.S. However, over the last 2 months rates have fallen .5%, and we anticipate they will remain stable for the foreseeable future. Lower rates combined with increase inventory will help move the market more towards a balanced market. Expect to see home appreciation to slow to 3-5%. In my opinion, this is a win/win for buyers and sellers. Home values continue to go up, but not at a rate that prices out potential buyers.

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I Learn The Most From Poor Reviews

Earlier in 2018 I shared the 100th positive written review from my family of clients.  I post them on as a way for new clients to learn about our business and our track record of earning folks’ trust.  These reviews are the single, most-important marketing tool I could ask for; thank you to each person who has taken time in the past to leave us a review.

Negative to PositiveCoincidentally, I also recently received two negative reviews from clients last year.  It takes courage to constructively criticize someone’s life craft, and both clients provided their feedback with a good-nature intent to help our business improve.  While difficult to admit, I now know I genuinely let these clients down and did not deliver the caliber of service they both deserved.  Our business has already become better as I’ve implemented changes to avoid our follies from happening again, but truthfully I valued one of these poor reviews so much more than the other.

Helpful TipsYou see, one client gave me their feedback during a transaction and the other was given over two years after our work together had ended.  The former allowed me to make adjustments, earn the client’s trust back, and show them that their input was valued and heard.  The latter moved on to another real estate professional’s services, and I’m left wondering if I’ll ever get a second chance to prove our services and value again to that client.

lessonslearnedWhile I know the best time to receive feedback is during a transaction, we’ve historically only asked for it AFTER a transaction.  That is changing!  Moving forward, we will send you a feedback survey half-way through the transaction as well as the customary one immediately afterwards.  While I won’t turn a blind eye to praised reviews, I honestly have learned the most from the handful of negative reviews I’ve received over my 16-year career.  Believe me, I hold onto all 6 of them (who’s counting!!??), but not in a bitter, scornful way.  Rather, I hold them close as reminders to find ways to improve our services, to not take for granted the trust clients place in us, and ultimately to become a better person.

Thank you for your honesty in future reviews.


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The Fine Line Between Caution & Fear

My oldest turned 13 a few months ago…glorious and gory teenage-hood has entered our home!!  One thing my teenager yearns for is independence.  Those close to her know she’s been this way from day one.  In fact, I posted about her fearless spirit as a tiny 4-year old in this 2010 blog post.

Maddison (2)

Her adventurous and independent streak runs deep.  One way we have channeled this is to allow her to do some very daring feats under adult, but not parental, mentor-ship. Case in point, she climbed Mount Shasta when she was 10 years old!

Andy and MaddisonMount Shasta, as many know, is an iconic mountain in Northern California.  Its summit, at 14,179 feet, is one of the highest peaks on the West Coast.  My brother and sister-in-law, whom my daughter quasi-worships, led & accompanied her on the two-day trek.

Many treacherous conditions awaited them, most notably unseasonably warm temperatures that melted the ice that was coagulating the rocks and preventing rock slides.  On their descent, boulders broke free and cascaded in their direction.  They were aware of this potential, and were lucky to steer clear of the rock slides.  If a careening rock would have hit them, life-threatening injuries, or death, would have been the consequence.

It’s quite natural to protect your kids from dangerous encounters.  It would have been very understandable if we held her back from future expeditions after experiencing such a close call with the violent great outdoors.  But, my daughter feels most alive when she’s adventuring outdoors.  She relishes in the courage, the freedom, and the perseverance it requires.


I would argue that while it’s scary to let your kid take chances, being overly fearful for them can be even worse.

Kids are sponges.  They absorb our actions, our words, and especially our emotions.  A fearful parent will breed a fearful child, and a fearful child often grows up to be a fearful adult.  Too many of us, unfortunately & admittedly, let “fear take the wheel and steer” (a great line from the song Drive by Incubus) in our life and it inhibits our ability to live life to the fullest.  As parents, we should try to avoid instilling a fearful outlook in our children by means of our own fearful behavior.

CautionThere’s nothing wrong with being cautious.  Caution can keep us safe and alive!  But too much caution, even towards our children’s welfare, turns to fear that is detrimental to their well-being.

Becoming overly fearful doesn’t just apply to parenting; it applies to everything.  In my mortgage and real estate practice, I often see clients, business owners, and myself make foolish, fear-driven decisions.  I’m sure you witness (and experience!) the same thing in your life too!  There’s a fine line between caution & fear, and it’s a tricky balancing act to pull off.  Parenting, more than anything, has taught me that.

As for my teenager, she’s entering a very risky time of life.  But it’s also one of so much discovery, opportunity, and growth.  Wish my wife and I luck with keeping her confident, fearless attitude in tact while trying to show her the pitfalls of preliminary adulthood.

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Major Milestone in Folsom

Early this month, homeowners began moving into the first set of completed houses at Folsom Ranch. A project that has been 20 years in the making is finally taking shape and becoming a reality. Our office had the opportunity to take a bus tour of the South of 50 project to see the progress made.


While a lot of construction has yet to break ground, a great deal of work has been completed. Currently, Taylor Morrison and Lennar are the two home builders have a total of 4 neighborhoods under construction for a total of 387 houses; 206 by Taylor Morrison and 181 by Lennar. In addition, the first elementary school is scheduled to open as early as 2020.

QR ScanClick here for a detailed map of the project, or scan the QR Code. 

If you are interested in learning more about the south of 50 Project, please reach out to our office with questions.



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Being Professional Means Being Personal

A few years ago, a former colleague told me he wanted to improve his biography page on his web site to come across more professional to clients.  After making his “improvements” I noticed he polished up his professional accomplishments and completely removed the paragraph about his personal interests, hobbies, and passions.

This struck me. In my opinion, conducting yourself in a professional manner includes revealing yourself personally to create TRUST with others.  In fact, that’s what this blog is all about!  The slogan “Part Professional, Part Personal, Always Insightful” means I want to provide both professional and personal insight so you may better know and trust me and my services.  WHO you are often means more to others than simply WHAT you do. 

Maybe I feel this way because of my chosen field and the way we run our business.  When helping clients, we often ask personal questions about their life goals and dreams so we can best serve them and make the transaction’s outcome signify more than just dollars and cents.  In requesting such personal information, it is only fair we reciprocate and divulge ourselves through the process.

While driving around looking at homes, clients learn about my family, my boating obsessions, my ideals…they learn about me as I’m learning about them.  To me, professionalism is more than respectful demeanor, appropriate dress and market expertise; it also includes a personal panache that allows you, the client, to get to know, like, and trust me, the professional, as a person.

I consider this the “new-school” way of being professional.  Simply doing your job well is not enough.  You must do it passionately while exuding your values and your interests; your personal side.  On the chance you haven’t seen it yet, check out our team profile video to get to know our team better, both professionally and personally.

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Want to Pay Less in Taxes? Let us help!

Business man pointing the text Time for TaxesMost California homeowners received their property tax bill in recent weeks. Many of us just file it away without looking since most of us have our mortgage company pay the tax bill. If you do this, you may end up paying more for property taxes than you should without even knowing it!                                                        Let me explain.


Every year the county assessor’s office determines the assessed values of properties from which to calculate your property tax bill. California has many state laws, most notably Proposition 13, that skew one’s assessed value. Thus, the assessed value is often lower than true market value. Occasionally, the assessor’s office gets it wrong and assesses your home for MORE than the market value, resulting in you paying more taxes than you should.

time_managementAll counties have an appeals process to reconsider your assessed value, but there is a window of time to file the appeal. Sacramento County, for example, requires the appeal to be received before November 30.

I am offering a free service to my clients to help with the appeals process. If you believe your assessed value is unfairly high (check your tax bill or a link like this one), give us a call or a click and we will research comparable sales to your home to help make a valid argument to the assessor’s office. Doing so could save you hundreds on your property tax bill.

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Team Member Spotlight – Chris McGann

Adding Chris to our team was one of the most significant business decisions in our company’s development.  Prior to Chris, Lisa & I were solely responsible for all sales tasks, putting us financially at risk if either of us were to  have a dry spell, and certainly putting us on a path to professional burn out!
He was the first member who was brought in to help with originating loans and selling real estate. With Chris’ extensive customer service history combined with our experience and mentorship, we knew we would have a rising All-Star in no time.

Chris has become one of the most versatile and invaluable members of the team over the years, as there’s rarely a situation where he’s not a part of the solution.  Check out Chris’ bio below to get to know him a bit more.

Chris McGann

Mortgage Consultant / REALTOR®

DRE #01941980 / NMLS #1104055


I am lucky enough to be involved in one of the biggest decisions my clients make in their lives. It’s an opportunity I don’t take lightly. My clients trust me to help them achieve their real estate goals, and in turn I trust my clients to fuel my business through referrals. Being both a licensed REALTOR® and mortgage broker for my entire career, I have taken the approach of offering both services. My clients and I find the combination of services to be more efficient, effective, and enjoyable than the compartmentalized approach.  I often serve in one capacity on a transaction, but my knowledge of both skill sets allows me to do my job better and make my counterparts’ job easier resulting in a smoother transaction. Buying a home or refinancing a mortgage can be an emotional process. Home is a feeling not a place, and it’s one of the best feelings in the world! Being able to share in that feeling is my favorite part of the job. 

I’ve called Sacramento home for nearly my entire life, and it’s now where my wife, Lisa, and I have decided to start our family. We purchased our first home in Carmichael – a fixer in need of some updating – and have enjoyed (for the most part) working to make it our dream home. 

Outside the office, traveling to new places with our son—Jackson (3 months), a curious & excitable little spirit who reminds us to have a fresh perspective towards life –is a passion of ours. We also enjoy challenging ourselves by training for half marathons (usually one a year), and spending time with family that is spread out across California. Our home has become the default gathering spot for hosting holidays and get togethers.


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I Hate to Talk Politics Again, But…

In early 2017, I wrote a post about my hesitation, but ultimate need, to lace politics into an economic discussion in the wake of the 2016 presidential election.  It was one of the most popular posts of the year on my blog!

There is another current issue that requires tip-toeing on a new political subject. Since the headlines surrounding the pending Supreme Court Nomination of Brett Kavanagh simultaneously touches on all of the main taboo topics (sex, religion & politics), I’m not going to touch any of that with a 10 foot pole!

Instead, there are state-level political issues on the upcoming ballot that have the potential to significantly influence our local real estate market.  I feel fairly strongly about these matters, and hope that I can educate you of the issues, and incline you to vote “Yes on 5” and “No on 10” this November.

Yes on 5

California is facing a housing crisis – and it’s getting worse. Put simply: there’s not enough homes.  This is the largest single factor that has contributed to home prices nearly doubling in the last 6 years. Presently, too many potential homeowners and renters are simply priced out of the market. This November, two propositions meant to combat this crisis are on the ballot, and I believe one will make matters worse if passed.  Together, we can take decisive action to protect home ownership and private property rights in California.

The first is Prop 5, an initiative that will allow seniors, the disabled and victims of natural disasters to move to a home better suited to their needs without facing drastically higher property taxes.  It’s essentially an expansion of Propositions 60 & 90, current California laws that allow homeowners over 55 to move and avoid property tax reassessment.  Here’s how Prop 5 will work:

  • Seniors often live in homes that no longer meet their needs because their homes may be too big or too far from family. If these homeowners want to downsize or move closer to their children, they could face a doubling or tripling of their property taxes, or what’s being called a moving penalty.
  • Proposition 5 provides appropriate relief by allowing those eligible the ability to transfer their current property tax base to the purchase of another home in any of California’s 58 counties. Current rules only allow seniors to transfer their tax base if they buy a less-expensive home in the same county, but Proposition 5 will make more folks and more situations eligible for this tax relief, resulting in more homes to be sold and available for purchase, particularly older, smaller, more affordable homes. The new property tax for that individual would be based on their original home’s assessment, in addition to an adjustment consisting of the difference in value between the sale price of the original home and the sale price of the new home.
  • Proposition 5 would provide respect to seniors (many on fixed incomes), the disabled and disaster victims by allowing them the flexibility to move to a more suitable home. Right now, too many feel locked in place. 
  • This will help boost the housing inventory in existing neighborhoods as older homeowners move from their single-family homes that no longer meet their needs and free up housing for the next generation.

The other measure of concern on the November ballot is Prop 10, the so-called “Affordable Housing Act,” that would actually make the housing crisis worse by repealing the long-standing Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, eventually allowing local governments to impose draconian rent control measures.  While on the surface rent control may appear to be a way to reduce housing costs for lower-income residents, it ultimately will have the opposite impact.

Here’s why Californians should vote NO on Prop 10:

  • Proposition 10 will reduce availability of affordable and middle-class housing. Academic experts from the University of Southern California, U.C. Berkeley and Stanford agree that it would drive up rents, while discouraging new construction and reduce the availability of affordable and middle-class housing. Even the state’s nonpartisan Legislative Analyst has found that passage of Proposition 10 would both discourage new construction and result in existing rental units being taken off the market, reducing availability of rental housing.
  • Proposition 10 will increase the cost of existing housing. Proposition 10 will cause homeowners to sell or convert rental properties into other more profitable uses, such as short-term vacation listing services like Airbnb. That would increase the cost of existing housing and make it even harder for renters to find affordable housing.
  • Proposition 10 will cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars per year, reducing revenues available for education and public safety. The Legislative Analyst also said that Proposition 10 would likely reduce the value of rental properties and single-family homes, driving down local property tax revenues by up to hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Driving down home values will hurt middle-class families and will also reduce the funding available for vital services like schools, public safety, road repairs, education, and fire safety.noprop10
  • Proposition 10 will eliminate homeowner protections. Proposition 10 repeals protections homeowners have enjoyed for over 20 years, and lets the government dictate pricing for privately owned single-family homes, controlling how much homeowners can charge to rent out their home – or even just a room.
  • Proposition 10 might even lead to bureaucrats imposing oppressive surcharges when an owner takes a home off the rental market and chooses to occupy it.

Please vote YES on Prop 5 and NO on Prop 10 on November 6th.  I’m happy to chat about these matters further in the weeks ahead. Either leave a comment here or give me a call.

For more information:

Prop 5:

Prop 10:

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