May 2008: Get Out There…In Your Community

In last month’s post I passed along encouraging words from Spencer for all of us to “get out there” and enjoy life.  I hope you took Spencer’s encouragement seriously, and that you are looking for a good work/life balance that I too am striving for.  I would like to stay with the “get out there” theme this month as well, but in a different light.


I have had the opportunity over the last several months to get out and become involved in my community.  For the last nine months, I have participated in Folsom Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Academy.  It is a class geared towards developing leadership skills, and I am honored to have been a part of the 20+ enriching sessions.  As a result of this academy, I have become involved in the Folsom community in a number of ways; ways I never thought possible prior to my participation.  My involvement has also increased my awareness, appreciation, and connection to a town I’ve called home all my life. 


Additionally, I am currently working with a group of my peers to create a Young Professionals Organization within our community where young professionals can fellowship and develop in their career pursuits.


This process of getting out there and becoming involved in my community has been a very rewarding experience.  I encourage you to get out into your community and become involved in causes, benefits, and projects that interest you.  You will become a fuller person, your career will indirectly benefit from your involvement, and your world will be a better place.  Get out there, and make a difference.

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