Are Most of Your Friends in Real Estate Too?

Last month I received one of the highest compliments I can receive from a dear client; I felt I had to share the story with you.  Ironically, I’m not sure if he even meant it as a direct compliment, but I took it as such and it made my day.  Here’s how it transpired:

On the Fourth of July, I was working with some long-time clients who wanted to purchase a home they saw earlier in the week.  They have been living in a 2-story and it is simply time for them to downsize.  With that said, however, they haven’t moved in nearly twenty years and a lot of anxiety and complexity began to set in.  Should we sell first? Buy first?  What furniture are we going to get rid of?  In talking about the logistics of selling their current home, I advised him to tell all of his friends that they were selling to help market the property.  His casual response was, “you know Matt, most of my friends are in real estate.”  He meant it as a good idea to effectively spread the word, but I heard a much more significant statement, one that meant the world to me.

You see, Brian is a wonderful man.  He is well-known and well-liked in the community.  It comes as no surprise to me that he has an abundance of friends, many of whom are in real estate.  The fact he has chosen me and The Blue Waters Group to help him navigate a very delicate transition in his family’s life speakes volumes to the amount of trust and respect he has in our team.  As a business where we feel earning one’s trust is more important than simply getting their business, this indirect compliment is one of the highest we can receive.

As I reflected more on this, I realized we receive this compliment every single time someone chooses to do business with us.  You, too, undoubtedly have other friends, family, and acquaintances who are real estate professionals.  Recent estimates figure there are more than 500,000 licensed real estate agents in California.  Some know more than others, but the simple fact is you probably didn’t choose to do business with us due to a lack of alternative options.  It takes more than being your friend or acquaintance to earn your business and trust in real estate.  Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest, scariest, most important financial decisions most of us make in our lives.  You don’t want just anyone helping you through that.

A big thanks to Brian and all of our clients who choose to do business with The Blue Waters Group. We know you choose to do so not simply because you know us, but because you trust us.  Please know we will steward your trust reverently and cherish it always.

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