July 2007: Working and Playing Smart

Last month, I wrote to you about my excitement for an upcoming vacation.  This month I am happy to report the vacation was as incredible as we all had hoped!  I’ve been back for a few weeks now, still reflecting about the good times that were had.  Reminiscing about our vacation also led to me to reflect about my business too; a result of me approaching both business and pleasure in the same manner.  Let me tell you about one characteristic that heavily influences both my work and my play, and also ask for your help in addressing it.


I’m the type who’s always looking to improve from one experience to the next.  On our vacation I was the unofficial captain of our sail boat, so I had the responsibility of protecting my crew and our boat (and barking out orders too!).  Thankfully, everyone came home in one piece and we didn’t run into anything all while having a fantastic, uninhibited time.  Once back home, though, Mary and I were discussing the things we learned that can be applied on the next trip to make it that much more enjoyable.


I am the same way about my professional life too.  In my business of serving you, I am always trying to identify better ways to make my business more valuable to you.  Most notably, I expanded my services four years ago to include one-stop shopping for both mortgage and real estate services at discounted prices.  My working goal is to find ways to make your next transaction that much more enjoyable for you.  The only problem is, however, I have no way of fully knowing how I can better serve you unless I ask.


Included with this letter is a survey that will immensely help me in improving my business of serving you.  It is comprised of questions to address our past, present, and future workings together.  I would greatly appreciate it if you took two minutes to complete the nine question survey and return it in the included pre-postaged envelope.  As a thank you, I will also send you a gift card of your choice.


Most of us work the same way we play.  Some folks work hard and play hard.  I would like to think I work smart and play smart by striving for improvement in all I do.  It is my honor to work for you and those who you refer, so thank you in advance for helping me identify ways to better fulfill this honor.

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