December 2007: Life-To-Do List Revisited

This time of year is perfect for reflection, appreciation, and goal-setting.  As 2007 comes to a close and 2008 rapidly approaches, I can’t think of a timelier topic than a Life To-Do List. 


In August of 2006, I wrote about creating a Life To-Do List, and how I believe it’s a tool to help you discover yourself and identify what’s truly important to you.  As you may know, my Life To-Do List is one of the most important internal compasses, other than core moral values, that guide me.  I spent serious time focusing with myself and discussing with Mary the things I really want to see happen in my life, and then I made a list of these aspirations.  Some of the items on my list I wonder if they will ever come true, but I recently realized that when it comes to goals, if you dream it; they will come.  I know it sounds corny, but let me share with you my experiences with my Life To-Do List and encourage you to create your own Life List.


Last August, I shared some of the items on my list.  Taking a sailing vacation in the Caribbean and running a marathon were on that list, and they were two major events that I wondered if they’d ever occur.  A sailing trip is quite an expense, and it requires many things to fall perfectly into place for it to happen.  And a marathon…I’ve never been a strong runner so the idea of running 26.2 miles was a distant hope.  I had no substantial plans to tackle either of these goals, but nevertheless, both were things I wanted to see happen in my life, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to put them on the list and see what happens.


To make a long story short, Mary & I went sailing in the Caribbean with some of our best friends in June, and I completed my first marathon at the 25th annual California International Marathon earlier this month.  In one short year, two monumental events that I thought may never happen actually transpired, I believe, simply because I had my internal compass set on the goals that were truly important in my life.320-img_0645



As you reflect on 2007 and look forward to 2008, I challenge you to dig deep into your soul and identify what you would like to see happen in your life.  Create your own Life To-Do List, and watch how it guides your life in extremely powerful ways.


Enjoy your goal-setting process for 2008, and dare to dream big!

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