Many Are Getting Out But We Are ALL IN!!!

Our industry is shrinking; we are getting bigger!

This year has been a challenging one for mortgage and real estate companies. After years of ultra-low rates & fast-selling homes, 2022 has brought a swift change in market conditions.  Some of the biggest mortgage companies in the country are closing up shop, and for the first time in a decade the number of Realtors across the country is declining.

So…you may ask…how is The Blue Waters Group faring?  We are certainly having a difficult year as well, but we are not running for the hills.  To the contrary, we just signed a lease at a new location in Folsom that will more than triple the size of our office!  Our goal is to mentor more like-minded real estate agents and mortgage consultants to provide the utmost care to a growing family of Blue Waters clients.  We are incredibly excited to share more details in the months ahead, and host an open house party & other events once we’re all settled in.

Here’s the truth of it…the easy money is gone and so are the ones who were here chasing it.  And that’s a great thing for all of us!!!  Clients need sound guidance and clear options from experienced and caring professionals, not short-sighted smooth talkers. Only those who are in this field for the right reasons will survive the new market.  The Blue Waters Group is here to serve our clients and community regardless of the market conditions, and we are confident you will be referring us more than ever in the future!

Thank you for your support of our business these first 10 years in our “starter” office.  We look forward to the opportunities our new location will provide our team & clients!

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