My Business Partner is a Champion

Lisa, my business partner, and I have known and worked with one another for over 16 years (check out her bio here).  We’ve always had a very positive working relationship, with a touch of friendly competitiveness.  We share and compare our goals and our results, but regardless of who outperforms the other, we are always rooting for and pushing one another to be our best.

business superwomanBut, she has been absolutely destroying me in one important discipline of our business, and I’m hoping you can help me catch up.

If you look at our business pages on review sites such as Yelp, Facebook, and Google, her clients have been leaving raving testimonials of how Lisa took exceptionally good care of them.  That’s not surprising, as Lisa genuinely cares for her clients and is a knowledgeable expert in our field.  In fact, every single review of Lisa on-line is a 5-star review (atta girl!!!).  But, what is surprising (and a tad humbling for yours truly!) is that Lisa’s clients account for 74% of our company reviews on Yelp despite she and I having roughly equal transaction counts over the years.

Over 100 of my clients have left wonderful reviews of my services, which are posted at  These reviews, however, do not automatically show up on Yelp and other online sites.  I need your help to make your opinions of my services well known.  Doing so will help us continue to earn the confidence of future clients, and help me to save a little face with Lisa.

leave your feedbackPlease consider taking a few minutes to leave a review of us at Yelp, Facebook, or Google.  OR, visit the testimonials page at and copy & paste a previous review you’ve written onto the review sites of your preference.  Its simple; when at the testimonials page click “Ctrl & F5” to search for your first name, and your browser will take you directly to your review. Copy it, then paste it to Yelp, Facebook, or Google.

No need to exaggerate and try to give me 6-Star reviews; let’s simply show Lisa that my client family is as loud & proud as hers!  Thanks for your time.

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