Are Californians Crazy?

Jimmy Buffett sarcastically claims in his iconic song “Fruitcakes”, California has it all.  “They’ve got riots, fires and mudslides…” so goes the tune.  Fruitcakes

In addition to these struggles, we also have an extremely high cost of living. Historically, behind only Hawaii, California has the highest median home sales price of any state in the country.  While the median home value in the U.S. is approximately $180,000, the Golden State’s median home price in August was nearly three times that at just under $500,000.  Non-Californians think we’re crazy to spend that much money on a pile of bricks.  Are we?

I guess the answer depends on who you ask.  If you ask me, I seriously believe California does have it all!  I am thankful my roots are deeply planted here, and that my career entails being both an advisor and ambassador for California home ownership.  Nowhere else in the country do you have as many diverse recreational, cultural & culinary experiences just a short drive away than right here in California.

Photo courtesy of my super hot (& photographically talented) first-mate, Mary.
Photo courtesy of my gorgeous (& photographically talented) first-mate, Mary.

I have not left California in over 18 months.  Given my family’s track record of travel, that’s a bit of an anomaly.  But, during this time, I’ve had a wider array of vacations than in any other point in my life.  In just the last year, we have taken road trips to:

Redwood National Forest – Hiking, beach combing, zip lining
South Lake Tahoe – Skiing, snowball fights
Lake Oroville – Tubing, wakeboarding, fishing
Southern California – Disneyland, Malibu beaches
San Francisco – Beach Blanket Babylon, Live Music in Botanical Gardens, sailing
Central Coast – Rugged beauty, abundant wildlife (I saw a Blue Whale!), sea kayaking

California Collage
California has it all!!!

When I put together this picture collage, it was such a wonderful reminder of the diversity of our state.  Does California have its fair share of problems?  Certainly!  “Riots, fires, and mudslides” are probably just the beginning.  But having opportunities to make wonderful memories is not one of them.

Some may consider Californians to be “fruitcakes.”  But, when you learn that CA homes have appreciated more than 50% over the last four years (its true!), perhaps it’s the ones that don’t believe in California homeownership who may be the ones out of their minds.

Stay crazy, Californians!

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