Hear That Sound? Its a Refi BOOM!

We are only 5% into the New Year, and I have already locked 25% of the total number of loans I did in all of 2014. We are officially in a REFINANCE BOOM due to SUPER-LOW INTEREST RATES! Last month I posted a short video titled “Will Mortgage Rates Go Even Lower?” They indeed have done so, as 30-year fixed rates have plummeted well below 4% and 15-year fixed rates are nearing 3%. Rates are re-approaching levels seen in Spring 2013, when mortgage rates hit their all-time lows.

A Refi BOOM is underway
The Refi Boom has spread like wildfire. In one instance, I had one client refer a friend, who referred another friend, who referred another friend, who referred another friend…all in a single week! Thank you Ben for spreading the word about The Blue Waters Group and helping your friends save money.

If you’d like to discuss your refinance options, reach out to me ASAP. No one knows how long these low rates will hang around so let’s collectively seize them while they’re here.

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