You Helped Me Become #1 in Folsom!

In the last year, 1,014 homes and condos sold in Folsom.
691 different agents represented the buyers of those homes.
I represented the most Folsom buyers of these 691 agents.
In other words, I currently am Folsom’s #1 Buyer’s Agent!

Word has clearly spread that The Blue Waters Group is one of the best at not just helping you with financing your home, but also buying and selling too. This is solely thanks to you as all of my Folsom-buying clients were referral or repeat clients.

I can’t emphasize this enough; my business growth is thanks to you.
I don’t have a multi-media advertising campaign; I have your referrals to those you care about.
I don’t have a marketing department conjuring up catchy radio commercial jingles; I have your endorsement.
And I don’t have clever Facebook ads getting in the way of your News Feed; I have your repeat business.

Thank you for your trust to refer me to your loved ones. I have always worked hard at earning and keeping that trust, and I hope this latest distinction as Folsom’s #1 Buyer’s Agent is validation of your trust in me and of my faith in you to keep our business thriving through your referrals.

Mia Hamm, arguably the world’s greatest female soccer player ever, once said “it is more difficult to stay on top than it is to get there.” Now is not the time for me to hit cruise control.   My goal is to continue increasing our market share via word-of-mouth so The Blue Waters Group becomes one of the most recognizable real estate names in Folsom and beyond. Would you continue to help me spread the word about our comprehensive buying, selling, and financing services?

Please keep up the great referrals to your friends, family and neighbors. Consider adding a review to Yelp, Google, Facebook, or even a video testimonial here to help us reach more and more new clients.

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