131,001 Reasons To Read This Post

131000 flag

Next Thursday March 13th, we hope you will join us in the 2nd Annual 131,000 Challenge at Folsom Connections Business Expo.  As you may recall, this is a campaign The Blue Waters Group launched last year that raises funds and awareness for our nation’s 131,000 homeless veterans.  As you would surely agree, this is a staggeringly high number and one we can’t sweep under the rug.


The Challenge addresses this issue in a fun & inspiring fashion.  Willing attendees will do push-ups or sit-ups at Folsom Connections, and pledging businesses and individuals will give funds for each completed repetition.  It will be one of the more energetic things going on at the biz expo; be sure to stop by and give your muscles or money.  You can read more about The 131,000 Challenge here, and info about donating to this cause here.


If our country’s 131,000 homeless veterans are not enough reasons to come visit us at Folsom Connections next week, let me give you one more…free food! 12 area restaurants will be serving lunch samplings during the event.  This is our region’s largest business expo & admission is free!  Stop by on your lunch break, work up an appetite cranking out some push-ups for homeless vets, then grab some grub!  We’ll see you next Thursday!


131,000 Challenge at Folsom Connections Business Expo
Folsom Sports Complex (66 Clarksville Road, behind Home Depot)
Thursday March 13th 10 AM – 2 PM

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