Tips for 2013 Home Buyers

Know What You’re Looking For – You have to shop for a home with laser-focus, and act decisively when you see what you want.  Don’t window shop for too long; homes are often selling within days to above-asking-price offers. Make a list of features and amenities you’re looking for, and when you see the right house get in there and make a strong offer.

Be Prepared to Pay Market Value (if not more!) – The days of simply looking for a good deal are over.  Sellers have the luxury of being picky in today’s market (more on this later), so “low-ball” offers are easily ignored.  In 2012, Sacramento area home prices rose an average of nearly 2% per month (WOW!), so even if you end up paying a few thousand dollars above-asking price its likely these rising values will aid you to recoup that in no-time.

Credit Wounds Heal Faster Than You Think – Most folks are eligible to re-purchase a home after just 3 years since a short-sale or foreclosure, or 4 years since a bankruptcy.  All you need is a 3.5% down payment and a good credit history since your last mishap.  If you’re considering getting back in the real estate game, obtain a copy of your credit report (we can help with this) to see how your credit past has been reported.

Be Patient & Have Faith – Most clients I work with don’t get the first house they write an offer on.  Some don’t get the 10th house!  But, in hindsight all of them ultimately bought the house they were meant for.  Keep your head up, and have faith that things happen for a reason.

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