Got Inspiration?

Back in December, I posted about how accountability can help you keep and achieve your goals.  Now that we’re three months into 2011 and the adrenaline of goal-setting season is over, how are you faring with your goals?  If you are staying focused on and reaching them without any difficulty, then you’re better than most.  But, if you are floundering with some of your goals (as I am), consider another piece of the puzzle you may be missing…inspiration.

Inspiration is like a beaming spot light for your goal.  Without it, we easily lose sight of our goal when we inevitably become distracted and disheartened.  But with it, we are constantly “illuminated” on why our goal is so important.  For example, a goal to lose 20 pounds by July 1st is a fine measurable goal, but one that is easy to lose sight of.  It needs some oomph, some pizzazz, some inspiration.  Consider this alternative…

When stating a goal, try adding “because” after the statement.  Such as, “I will lose 20 pounds by July 1st BECAUSE I want to have a healthier body and more energy to play with my grandkids.”  Combine that with pictures of you playing with your grandkids posted on your refrigerator and pantry door and now you’ve got a goal with lasting power; with inspiration!

Any ambition can become a goal.  And accountability can remind you of a goal.  But it is inspiration that helps you ultimately achieve that goal.  If you need to breathe a little life back into your 2011 goals, go back to your list, write “because” after each written goal and fill in the blank.  This simple extra step could be the difference between writing off your goals or conquering them.

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