4th Quarter is “Crunch Time”

I can’t believe we’re already heading into the final quarter of 2010.  It seems that Avery, my youngest daughter, was born just a few weeks ago, but now she’s walking around and Mary is sending out invites for her 1st birthday party next month!  What happened?   

Looking forward…the coming months typically are the slowest ones of the year for my business.  After all, it’s more enjoyable for a homeowner to plan a holiday party than to take time to sell, buy, or refinance their home! This year’s 4th quarter, however, homeowners have much more at stake with their finances. 

Mortgage rates have hit ROCK BOTTOM, enabling homeowners to save money, consolidate debt, or reposition home equity to other investments during these difficult economic times.  Unfortunately, many have not even inquired or pursued their refinance options.  Some hesitate upon hearing horror stories about other’s experiences; many wrongly assume they don’t qualify. 

If you have not yet assessed your refinance options, I urge you to look at the upcoming 4th quarter as “crunch time” and act now before rates go back up.  Crunch-time players don’t hesitate; they know what’s at stake and they take action.  Do you need to take action and save  money in this economy?  In other words…will you be a crunch-time player with your mortgage? 

To encourage you to step up your game, I am going to offer a FREE GIFT to those who contact me to review their refinance options.  There’s no pressure here; just an honest professional looking to honestly serve you before time runs out. 

Be Like Mike…step up and take the shot at refinancing before time runs out.

 In sports, the 4th quarter is the last chance to make a difference as the clock winds down and the pressure rises up.  The same is true for your mortgage as we enter the year’s 4th quarter.  Rates will likely be heading higher as we approach the November mid-term elections (politics play a bigger role in the mortgage market than ever before)…so time is running out. 

As a special offer only for only my blog readers, I will give a $10 iTunes gift card* for calling me in crunch-time and simply discussing your refinance options.  If we discover options, we’ll celebrate the wise play you made and the money I’ll help you save.  If not, you at least get to download some music & get to know me so you have a mortgage broker and REALTOR to trust down the road when you need to buy, sell, or finance real estate.

I look forward to hearing from you.

*To qualify for the $10 iTunes gift card, just give me a call and complete a loan application within the next 30 days.  That’s it!

2 thoughts on “4th Quarter is “Crunch Time””

  1. Hey Matt! Great info & ideas as always. Glad you are willing to work on my loans under pressure so I don’t have too! Thanks for all you do for us – your personal and professional approach is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

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