What Does Your Bumper Sticker Say?

I recently stopped at a red light behind a Purple PT Cruiser that had a bumper sticker that caught my eye.  It read:

It was the perfect message to counter the feelings I had at the moment.  Do you ever find yourself worrying about the worst, and ignoring the great things that could become?  Lord knows I do all too often.  This bumper sticker, of all things, turned my day and attitude around.  I don’t know who was driving that PT Cruiser, but if given the chance I would say “thank you.”

This experience made me consider how a bumper sticker’s message can be analogous to the everyday actions that leave impressions on others.  Think about it…you have people in your life that always lift your spirits when you are around them.  Conversely, I would bet you also have others who drain you emotionally or who always focus on the negative (I know I have those folks around!).  Now think about this…what type of impression are YOU leaving on others?  What type of impression would you LIKE to leave? 

In other words, when you are driving down road’s path, what do those driving near you read on your life’s bumper sticker?  Is it a peace sign?  Is it cynical political commentary?  Is it Calvin urinating on your sports team rival?  If it is a message to others that says “encourage your hopes, not your fears” then let me applaud you.  Your outlook is having a profound, positive impact on those around you; or at the very least on me.

So, tell me…what would you like others to read on your bumper sticker?

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