Look Around, Within & Out to Instill a Thankful Attitude

Thanksgiving is next week, and I have a lot to be thankful for as Mary & I brought our 2nd daughter into this world last month. Avery Rowan is a healthy, beautiful reminder to be grateful for life’s gifts. I just stare into that cute little face and am thankful for the miracle of life.

sweet little Avery

Most of us will gather around the Thanksgiving table next week and share with one another what we are most thankful for. This is a great annual family tradition, but sometimes our busy lives make it easy to forget to live in daily gratitude. When I do not have a sweet, snugly newborn around, I use a concept I learned from a business coach (thanks Brian Sharp!) to help me reinforce a thankful heart. I wanted to share it with you near Thanksgiving in hopes that you may find it helpful as well.

I call it my GAP meditation. Daily, I try to write down three things in my journal. 1) I write what I’m most grateful for; 2) I write an affirmation about myself or a goal that I have; 3) I write a prayer about or for someone. Grateful. Affirmation. Prayer…GAP.

This quick exercise forces me to LOOK AROUND at the abundant goodness in life, to LOOK WITHIN at what I value and aspire to become, and to LOOK OUT for others. And by writing it down I find that it lingers in my heart and actions through out the day. It has been a wonderful way for me to stay focused on what and who I am thankful for.

Having a thankful heart is the best medicine for a healthy attitude, so be thankful every day of the year.

Have a thankful Thanksgiving!

One thought on “Look Around, Within & Out to Instill a Thankful Attitude”

  1. Matt – I LOVE the G.A.P. What a great way to balance the balance in your life. Congrats to you and your wife on the birth of your beautiful baby, Avery. May you all have a wonderful holiday season.

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