November 2008: My Favorite Quotes from Leaders

7765_photo1_fuRegardless of how you voted in this year’s presidential election, I hope you had the opportunity to watch Barack Obama’s acceptance speech on election night.  Even though he will lead our country in a time of enormous doubt and difficulty, his speech was laced with optimism and potential for a “brighter day.”   It reminded me of some of my favorite quotes from other leaders in history:

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal.  It is the courage to continue that counts.”
-Winston Churchill
Our economy has fallen flat on its face as of late.  Many have predicted Depression-esque conditions that will plague our country for years to come.  I encourage you to ignore those dramatizations.  While many consider our certain elements of our economy and banking system as failing, their circumstances are not fatal.  They will recover, and that determination to recover is what makes America great.

“A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.”
-Dwight Eisenhower
Our government has been handing out bailout packages left and right.  With all of this bailout talk, it would be easy for us as individuals to put our hands out to the government and ask “wheres MY handout?”  We are privileged to live in a country with such means, but do not let this privilege cloud the principles that make the independent, can-do spirit of America so strong.

“Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.”
-Albert Einstein
I LOVE this quote.  As you may have come to know about me, I believe attitude is everything. Our country faces a difficult road ahead in economics, politics, and war.  You too may be facing challenges with an unstable job outlook or ailing health condition.  Don’t let these problematic events take away your positive attitude, for doing so will make your challenges even harder to overcome and bring on additional ones in the future. 

“Recession is when a neighbor loses his job.  Depression is when you lose yours.”
-Ronald Reagan
Keep in mind that our economy’s struggles are affecting us all differently.  Just because your job, finances, and investments have remained in tact doesn’t mean that others have fared as fortunately.  While news anchors may debate the definition of a recession, be considerate to others whose hard times are all the evidence they need to understand the state of our economy.

I’m not talking about politics; I’m talking about attitude.  Like President-elect Obama said about our county’s future; “the road ahead will be long; the climb will be steep.  But America I have never been more hopeful that we will get there.”  Adopt the right attitude in testing times, and you will prevail.

Next month I will elaborate on our current economic challenges and how they could very well mean good things for Northern California housing in 2009.  Until then, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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