June 2005: Wedding Magic

Odds are you have been to a wedding recently or plan on attending one later this summer.  It is officially “wedding season,” and what a magical season it is.  I was lucky enough to attend two weddings over Memorial Day weekend as I saw some of my best friends tie the knot.  That weekend reminded me of how special those days are, and I hope you feel the magic at the next wedding you go to in the near future.


The weddings I went to were beautiful.  All of the details had been thought out, and being a guest at these weddings made me feel like I was a part of royalty.  It’s almost bittersweet, but picture-perfect weddings have nearly become the norm.  We nearly expect the ceremony to take place in some fairytale location, the wedding cake to look like Martha Stewart herself decorated it, and the flowers to look like they were cut that morning.  Tons of time and money are devoted to the details, which we absolutely enjoy and appreciate as guests.  It’s an honor for a bride and groom and their families to exert so much effort on pleasing their attendants.


But that’s not what makes a wedding magical, and that’s not what I enjoy most about them.  I don’t care how great your DJ is or how nice of food you put on my plate, the magic I see and feel is in the eyes of the new couple.  You can see their potential, their love, their commitment, and their excitement.  Those emotions are what a wedding and a new married union is all about.  I was honored to be the best man at one of these weddings, and as the best man you have the best view in the house.  You stand right behind the groom, and get to look straight into the eyes of the bride during the ceremony.  That’s where the magic is.


If you’re someone who thinks weddings are boring, or thinks they’re overdone, or thinks they’re a waste of money, you are right in many regards.  But, in my opinion, your perspective is wrong.  Try to look for the good in something, and you’ll find it.  Next time you’re at a wedding, look for the magic.  Stop wondering how much the live orchestra cost, or how long it took to sew the bride’s dress.  Just look into the eyes of the bride and groom, and you’ll see it.  It won’t be hard to find.  

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